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Kate Hastings Garrison founded Innovative Group in 1994.  Kate has 20 years of placement expertise across various sectors of the job market and her prestigious base of client firms rank from small start up hedge funds and private equity firms to global conglomerates. With a vast resource of networks and solid relationships in the client and candidate markets, Kate has established Innovative Group as a leading placement practice with a strong presence in the tri-state area. The practice has gradually expanded nationally over the years as well.

Kate's philosophy is simple, " Integrity is the key to our success. Innovative Group differs from other placement firms because we are focused on the long term relationships we create with our clients and candidates. We do not function as a transactional business.  Long tenure is our goal, not a quick placement. We have a huge responsibility to our clients in providing them with the top talent available in the market. We target that key talent and then pair it with the best quality individual available to blend into their corporate culture. We share the same accountability to our candidates as their financial futures are being formed by the guidance and offers we present to them. 
We are keenly sensitive to the diversified needs of our clients and our candidates and we recognize how difficult a search can be from both perspectives. We are diligent in effectively accommodating and communicating to each side of the placement process and providing the details and
  follow up necessary to produce a solid, long term placement.  The bottom line is, our best reference is our high retention rate. The working relationships we help create stand the test of time. We are very grateful to our loyal clients and candidates as the majority of our new business leads are generated by their efforts. 
I feel incredibly fortunate to be in this field as it brings me great satisfaction to be instrumental in building successful relationships. It is very rewarding work."




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